About me

My name is Natalia, and I am a motivational speaker, natural beauty advocate, life coach, educator and author.

My journey began 15 years ago. I became a certified aromatherapist and beautician, completed training in face yoga, facial reflexology, Traditional Chinese Medicine and psychology. And then combined all my experience, knowledge and instruments to create my own effective inside out beauty system.

In my work I mostly focus on my clients’ energetic, mental, emotional well-being. Their happiness and contentment are my main goals.

Natalia Dichkovska -motivational speaker - portrait photo

Now I give lectures and workshops worldwide to raise awareness about the benefits of holistic beauty, to give women safe and effective beauty instruments and also freedom from the beauty industry. I have written 3 skin care and aromatherapy books (more than 20.000 copies sold). I also have more than 4 years of live TV experience as a holistic skincare expert and aromatherapist.

I am here to help you create lives filled with fulfillment, joy and love. To bring awareness to alternative ways to health and beauty rooted in TCM, vietnamese medicine, aromatherapy, minimalist approach to topical skin health. To introduce you to a completely natural alternative to anti-aging methods and to share beauty tips and tricks.

What I Do?

  • Life Coach

    Helping women to take their life to the next level

  • Book author

    3 published books on skin care, gua sha massage and aromatherapy

  • Motivational speaker

    I dream of liberating women's minds from fears and restrictions imposed by beauty industry

  • Holistic facialist

    Facial reflexology, cupping, gua sha and face yoga

  • Aromatherapist

    More than 15 years of experience, more than 25 original courses and programs, more than 15.000 students all over the world

  • Educator

    I give lectures and workshops worldwide to raise awareness about the benefits of holistic skin care approach

  • Cosmetic formulator

    I create effective and safe beauty products that treat a variety of skin disorders and are safe for sensitive skin

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