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Hi there! And welcome to my World of Empowerment.
I am a motivational speaker, natural beauty advocate, life coach, educator and author.

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Natalia Dichkovska

What I Do?

  • Life Coach

    Helping women to take their life to the next level

  • Book author

    3 published books on skin care, gua sha massage and aromatherapy

  • Motivational speaker

    I dream of liberating women's minds from fears and restrictions imposed by beauty industry

  • Holistic facialist

    Facial reflexology, cupping, gua sha and face yoga

  • Aromatherapist

    More than 15 years of experience, more than 25 original courses and programs, more than 15.000 students all over the world

  • Educator

    I give lectures and workshops worldwide to raise awareness about the benefits of holistic skin care approach

  • Cosmetic formulator

    I create effective and safe beauty products that treat a variety of skin disorders and are safe for sensitive skin

My job in numbers

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Natalia has helped thousands of amazing women transform their skin and their lives through holistic skincare and unique coaching techniques.
Ready to make the change? Dive into Natalia’s magical world of life coaching and natural, holistic skincare solutions today!

    Today I received the best compliment from my beautician. The first question was: what did you inject? And she tried looking for the injection marks, which weren’t there. Instead, it was just a week of washing with chickpea flour, evening removal of makeup with oil, and your facial exercises. I am 48 years old, I have never resorted to injections in my life and, I hope, with the help of your techniques, I won’t have to.


    I have acne prone skin skin, plus I have lack of sleep because of a small child - lately I have been completely unhappy with myself. After 3 weeks, I already see the improvements, and it’s not just me. My pores became narrower, age spots began to disappear, dehydration is gone, the oval shape of my face became more defined. If it continues like this, I’ll need to change my passport photo))


    I finally healed my relationship with my mom. It's like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and I can't thank you enough for helping me through this journey. I'm forever grateful!


    I discovered Natalia at a point in my life where I felt lost and confused. I knew something was wrong, but I didn't know what needed to be changed. She helped me big time. It's not even coaching it's magic. I was finally able to heal and take action.


    I can't believe the changes Natalia has helped me achieve. Her support and unique techniques she used made all the difference on my personal journey. Thanks for keeping in touch and being such an inspiring and empowering force in my life!


    After meeting with Natalia, a very pleasant and interesting journey awaited me. Within a month, slowly but surely, my skin was getting better and better. Inflammation disappeared completely, swelling was gone, my face became more rounded, and tightened at the same time, beautiful cheekbones became much better defined, my forehead became smoother, the blue under my eyes and crow's feet disappeared. And each workout puts me in a great mood, and gives me a powerful boost of energy!


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