Holistic Skincare Consultation

60 or 90 minutes consultation that includes skin diagnosis, personalized skincare protocol, self-massage techniques (gua sha, facial reflexology, cupping, etc.), deep psychosomatic work to address the root cause of your skin concerns (if needed) and an aromatherapy test to help reduce anxiety, improve self-esteem, and work with unresolved trauma.

This consultation helps to thoroughly address skin issues by eliminating the root cause.

  • Skin diagnostics to help identify any underlying skin issues and conditions.
  • Analysis of your current skincare routine and products to identify any mistakes that may be causing skin concerns.
  • Correction of mistakes to help you achieve healthy, glowing skin.
  • Custom skincare protocol tailored to your individual skin concerns, skin type, and lifestyle.
  • Face yoga/gua sha/facial reflexology/cupping for lifting and skin rejuvenation
  • Deep psychosomatic work to address the root cause of your skin concerns.
  • Aromatest to define and correct your current emotional and mental state to help you feel more grounded and balanced.
  • Comprehensive approach to skincare and well-being to help you achieve healthy, beautiful, and radiant skin.

You can also order a tailor-made cosmetics service.

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