Discover Your True Self and Live Your Best Life with the HigherSelf Method

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Are you searching for purpose, meaning, and fulfillment? Do you feel stuck in old patterns, limited beliefs, and other people’s expectations? We are excited to announce that Natalia Dichkovskaya and Nadezhda Navrotskaya are launching a second track of powerful new online course – the HigherSelf Method – on October 2nd!

This 3-month program gives you the tools to break free from restrictions and create the life you truly desire. Natalia and Nadezhda combine scientific techniques like neuropsychology and Jungian analysis with energy practices and information field access for a complete mind-body-spirit transformation.

In the HigherSelf Method, you’ll:

  • Identify core blocks and obstacles holding you back
  • Release limiting beliefs and societal conditioning
  • Reconnect with your authentic self and higher wisdom
  • Clarify your life purpose and passion
  • Set goals that truly align with your soul
  • Develop an action plan to manifest your desires
  • Embody your fullest potential with joy and ease

If you resonate with any of these challenges, the HigherSelf Method is for you:

  • Feeling lost, unclear on your direction
  • Comparing yourself and trying to fit in
  • Lacking motivation and willpower
  • Making wishes that don’t manifest
  • Outgrowing your circumstances but afraid to change
  • Achieving success that leaves you empty
  • Repeating negative patterns in relationships, money, etc.
  • Doubting yourself and giving your power away

Invest in yourself and your highest possibilities! Early bird registration ends August 6th.

Uplifting your consciousness is the first step to upgrading your whole life. Join Natalia and Nadezhda on this transformative path of self-realization and empowerment!

P.S. The course is for a Russian-speaking audience. If English is your primary language – give us a shout using contact form, we will try to figure something out. Or browse our services catalog and the The Empowerment Mastery Program in particular.

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