Free Video lecture from Natalia Dichkovska

03/15/2023·0 comments

On March 11, 2023, Natalya Dichkovskaya held a free lecture in Brooklyn, New York. The topic of the lecture was “Maintaining a Youthful and Radiant Face without Injections or Expensive Cosmetics.”

  • How can you achieve smooth, blemish-free, and hydrated skin?
  • Is it possible to make an affordable cream work?
  • How can you avoid expensive injections and treatments while preserving your natural beauty?
  • How can you slow down the aging process in just 5 minutes a day without the help of specialists?

Find the answers to these questions and many more by watching this video.

Training Program:

  1. Discover what creams are actually capable of and how to differentiate between effective and ineffective skincare products.
  2. Learn about the causes of age-related changes and effective ways to combat them.
  3. Test yourself: discover the most common mistakes and myths about skincare.
  4. Discover the three main secrets to achieving radiant skin.
  5. Practice 1: Let go of anxiety and improve your mood.
  6. Practice 2: Improve your blood and lymphatic circulation and increase collagen synthesis in your skin.
  7. Practice 3: Activate your body’s natural rejuvenation program.

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